Grand Hotel Dhermiu

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Address: Rr.Nacionale Vlore-Sarande
City: Dhërmi
Country: Albania
Property type: Hotel

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This hotel's address is Rr.Nacionale Vlore-Sarande in Dhërmi, Albania. You are now Dhërmi from the hotel. To see all hotels near your location, please use the map.

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Find hotels on the map

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Hotel Description
About Grand Hotel Dhermiu Hostel

The Grand Hotel Dhermiu is conveniently positioned in the centre of the town. All Saints' Church is within a 20 minute drive from the hotel. Hotel near Dhërmi, Albania.

Hotel facilities
All available features in Grand Hotel Dhermiu
General: Restaurant, Shower
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This Hotel is near: Bar Restorant Panorama SH8.  Hotel Splendor & Spa 1 Km from National Road Vlore-Dhermi.  Casablanca Club SH8, Dhërmi.  Eco Camping Albania.  Manastiri i Shën Theodhorit Albania.  Shen Nikolla Albania.  The Sea Turtle Camping Dhermi DRYMADES BEACH , DHERMI , VLORE ALBANIA.  Shën Dhimitri Palasë.  Altea Beach Lodges Drymades Beach, Dhermi.  Havana Beach Club Palase, Rruget te bardha.  Shkolla Hostel SH8, Vuno.  Kujdes! Rrezik! SH8.  Folie Marine Jala.  Bossa Nova Jala.  Kampingu Jal Jala.  Restaurant Kapiteni Himarë.